Who arrives in Trapani from the sea, is received by an ancient Phoenician harbour, considered a strategic point of the Mediterranean Sea for his earth strip that protects the natural port. The historical origins of the city go back to the Sicani but several dominations alternate themselves on the Trapani beaches through the centuries. The testimony of the various cultural stratifications appears on the architectonic aspect of the city, as the Palazzo della Giudecca of Jewish origin.


Erice is an ancient medieval town whose origins are wrapped in the legend. According to that, the town was founded by Erice, the son of Venus and Bute, the king of Elymi. At first the town seems to be solitary and surrounded by the massive town-walls, that attest Elymo-Phoenician and Punic presence. An obligatory stage is the Chiesa Madre, built during the first half of the XIV century for the will of Frederick of Aragon and dedicated to the Virgin. The charm of mystery is reflected on the little streets made of particular big squared stones and the sweet scent of furnace products, that enchants who walks through the ancient alleys. Erice


The main monument of the city is the cathedral dedicated to Saint Thomas of Canterbury and founded in the Norman Age. On the back of the cathedral, the Museum of the tapestries is located, that's cultural expression of Flemish art handed us on from the far 500. Through the centuries the various dominations left important architectonic testimonies, but the main building, so far discovered, and the Thermal Baths of the III-IV century A.D. are due to the Romans. A Punic ship, a precious archaeological jewel, can be admired at the archaeological Museum of Baglio Anselmi. The pearl of Marsala and the Italian wines is the Marsala Wine that, discovered by English people more of two centuries ago, is one of the most important wine abroad today.
List of places
- Trapani
- Erice
- Marsala
- Isole Egadi
- Mozia
- Pantelleria
- C/mare del Golfo
- Lo Zingaro
- Selinunte
- Alcamo
- Buseto Palizzolo
- Calatafimi
- C/bello di Mazara
- Castelvetrano
- Custonaci
- Gibellina
- Mazara del Vallo
- Paceco
- Partanna
- Petrosino
- Poggioreale
- Salaparuta
- Salemi
- San Vito Lo Capo
- Santa Ninfa
- Segesta
- Valderice